About the Sauce Boss

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About Chef Chris Griffin

My name is Chris Griffin. I have been a professional chef for the last 24 years. I have always had a talent and passion for the craft of making sauces. I have always loved hot sauce. Over the years as a chef. I have crafted my own sauce. Family and friends have always said I should bottle and sell my sauces. So 9 months ago I started the process of starting a hot sauce company. Excited for the adventure ahead.

The Sauce Boss Story

Chef Chris has always had a special passion for the craft of making sauces. About 10 years ago, He got bored with the hot sauces out there. As a chef, he set out to make his own version of hot sauces. He wanted a balance of heat & flavor. Adding to a dish, not over powering everything. We hope you enjoy our hot sauce as much as we do.